Solid wood furniture is top quality, beautiful, sturdy, and resilient. The veneer furniture that has become so prevalent in todays markets is cheaper than the Rocking deck chair, but the quality is poorer, and while solid wood furniture can last for hundreds of years through many generations with proper care, the veneer furniture may last a handful of years only before it starts falling apart.

There are many good woods that are popular choices for the finest solid wood furniture. Pine, Oak, Maple, Walnut, and Mahogany are some of the most popular ones that are used for grand furnishings. There are many others, however, that are grown on plantations in other countries and imported to reach luxury furniture makers to produce some of the finest pieces of solid wood furniture in the world.

Zebrawood, although extremely sturdy and dense, is a very beautiful solid wood. However, it is rarely used for furniture. This kind of wood is not easy to work with because it requires special tools for the work, and because of the characteristics of the wood it is extremely hard to kiln dry it. The Zebrawood can be found in Argentina, and the trees can be anywhere from 45 65 feet tall. The wood has natural reddish brown tones with black stripes ingrained in it as well. Zebrawood takes anywhere from 35 to 85 years to mature to be harvested.

Brazilian Lyptus is another wood that is used in luxury solid wood furniture. These woods are grown on plantations in Brazil. It is very easy to work with because of its exquisite durability, finish tolerance, strength, and workability. It is used for many diverse applications with living room furniture sets such as cabinets, flooring, furniture itself, and architecture.

Black Ironwood is usually grown on plantations, and is a popular choice for beautiful solid wood furniture and cabinetry. The depth of the grain of the wood and its beautiful uniformity of color make it one of the favorite woods for furniture makers to work with. Black Ironwood is one of the densest woods in existence, they grow to be 40 feet high and can take as little as 20 years to be harvested or as many as 75 years to fully mature. The Black Ironwood, like the Zebrawood, can be found in Argentina.

Another popular Solid wood rocking chair material is Patagonian Cherry wood. This can be harvested from the South of Argentina, and is a beautiful chestnut color with yellow, pink, and green lines that run through it. This is a light wood that is fairly easy to work with. The Cherry wood is resistant to humidity, which makes for extremely durable living room furniture that wont bend or warp. These trees can reach 90 feet in height, and the wood from them creates beautiful, weather resistant solid wood furniture that lasts for generations.